Monday, May 19, 2008

Hello Again.

well, the weekend is over and we are into a new week. can you believe monday is Memorial Day and the sunday after that is June 1st? seems like time is just flying by this year. i turn another year older in june. hard to believe.

we went to New Life for church again saturday night. they are doing a series on Esther and i am enjoying it and learning from it too. i think that is where we will go to church for a while. its easy to blend in and not really be noticed unless you want to be, not that the people aren't friendly, they are. but its nice to just blend in and be apart of a group without standing out for a while.

we took a dear friend out for his birthday last night. it was nice to see him again and we had a good time. we went to fridays for dinner. then out for ice cream. tonight we are going out with hubby's family for his sisters birthday. it is today. she has chosen red lobster for her dinner. i love their biscuits.

i have been able to read again which is really nice. however, my ADD medicine is starting to wear off about 3pm instead of 6-7pm. shrink said this would probably happen. it bothers me. i do have my shrinks number if it gets to bad, he said to call him. am off most of medicine hospital had me on and am weaning off last one. it is difficult. i find myself being more jittery even though i take my ADD medicine at 8am. i find myself jittery now and it's only 1130am. i will make it, it's just hard sometimes.

got free tickets for our minor league team for this thursday night. if i can manage it, we will go. i woke up with a bad allergy attack yesterday morning and its making me feel blah. also, i have felt really sore over the weekend again from my surgery. my mom says with them moving all those organs around, it bruises them. plus, moving the muscles around them get stretched etc. the first week i felt like i'd done 100 sit-ups. this weekend, i felt like i'd done 50 again. just sore.

anyhow, hopefully i will feel up to going to the game. especially with free tickets. i love baseball. am a diehard Yankees fan. have been for as long as i can remember. i would like to go new york city and see the Yankees play in person next year for my birthday. its kind of a big one (the birthday). hopefully we will get to do it. just make it a long weekend. i would like to go to one game, the museum of art, and one nice restaurant where we have to dress up. thats it. hubby has been to nyc before for work several years ago. so, he sort of knows he's way around. i do know it costs a fortune to park anywhere, so we will probably use taxis or subway.

my allergies are acting up probably because of where i walk. its a path around a pond surrounded by woods. on the other side of the woods is a river, which you can see through the woods. so friday, i breathed everything in bloom plus the mold from both bodies of water and all the rain we've had. its just that time of year, finally. i didn't think winter would ever be over. it's still cool, only 52 right now, but its supposed to warm up to where our temps are actually supposed to be by the end of the week. that will be nice.

well, i guess thats it for now. sun is out today and they are mowing. i will be sneezing soon. i thought we had rain forecasted for today and tomorrow, but so far just sun. am glad.

ya'll have a great week. God Bless.

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Milly said...

I’d love to have cooler weather. We are running towards summer fast and hard.

It sounds like you’re on the road to well being. I’m glad that you have found some help.

I’ve somehow skipped the allergy stuff this season in the way of my nose and throat. My skin is another thing. I’m sporting lots of bumps from the sun allergy. The dermatologist suggested some stuff but feeling drowsy isn’t me. Someone suggested carrots, that I can do.

Have a happy birthday pre-month!